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Urban street Art by Smates

What do you have in mind when you hear the phrase ”urban street art” ? I think of graffiti which has become a lot more and a lot more popular nowadays. Well, whether you love it or hate it, a thing is certain : street art is regularly pushing the boundaries in buy to create something that will last forever. even if there are lots of controversial points of view concerning street art, we can all agree that we need some kind of inspiration in our daily lives.
One artist that has become an inspiration to dozens of people is called Smates. born in Belgium , Smates is a professional graffiti artist that is distinguished for his involvement in changing the face of urban street art. He managed to create some unforgettable works of art with the basic help of lively colors and with his undying love for details. Brussels is the place where his murals are brought to life.  Being mesmerized by the appeal of his graffiti you will find yourself lost when checking out his murals. If you want to get to know Smates don’t forget to check out his web site  and Facebook page.
Breath-taking urban street Art By Smates

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